Annapolis Royal Turbine

The Annapolis Royal turbine was installed in the early 80s.
According to Marine Biologist Mike Dadswell, the turbine has been killing fish for 32 years. The Striped Bass has been wiped out.

The Annapolis Royal turbine was initially installed as a trial.
Fisherman Darren Porter is concerned that the plan of corporate government/university for Minas Channel turbine(s)
is also not a trial but hidden agenda - permanent industrial structures.

The Annapolis Royal turbine is 7 metres in diameter while the Emera USA/DCNS France Naval Defence turbine is more than twice as big at 16 metres.

Released information keeps changing - for example the Globe and Mail reported in 2015:
"In the next few months, a consortium led by Ireland-based OpenHydro will place two five-storey-tall, 300-tonne turbines that look a bit like giant jet engines
on the ocean floor in the roiling waters of Minas Basin, near the town of Parrsboro, N.S." The Globe and Mail reported the initial project was approved for four turbines
but there were also three other corporate consortiums in line for profits.